My KDL Story: DeHollander Family

The boys are fans of video games, but "Chess is a lot different," Noah says. "(It) gets your brain thinking...."

DeHollander Family

When Aimee DeHollander's son Adam was in third grade, the avid checkers fan asked his mother if he could learn to play chess. So they learned together, mostly through reading library books.

About a year ago, Adam, now 14, heard about a chess tournament at KDL's Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branch. He went, he played and he became hooked on challenging himself against new people.

Adam soon was a regular at Kentwood's weekly chess evenings and eventually his brother Noah, 11, joined him, but their mother wondered if chess could also be offered at KDL's Byron Township branch, closer to their home.

Both the Byron Township and Wyoming branches began offering chess evenings in September. Aimee notified schools in the area, and the Byron branch draws as many as 30 children at its weekly gatherings. Adam also has started a lunchtime chess club at his school, and his brother Levi 9, recently caught the chess bug.

Aimee supports her sons' affinity for the game because she says it teaches patience, sportsmanship and strategy, not to mention they still check out a lot of books on the subject.

Noah admits he and his brothers also are fans of video games, but "Chess is a lot different," he said. "(It) gets your brain thinking."


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