My KDL Story: Gurdit Suri

"The library has always been the invisible hand helping me reach my goals.... Where the Internet give me answers, the library has given me understanding..."

Gurdit Suri

Longtime KDL cardholder Gurdit Suri doesn't buy it when people tell him everything he needs can be found online.

Gurdit, a student at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and "proud 17-year-user" of the KDL Cascade Township Branch, cites a few examples: "When it came to applying for volunteering positions, finding good books to read, learning about different languages, applying for summer internships, gaining admission to colleges, finding ACT preparatory books, writing research papers and learning about different global travel opportunities, the library has always been the invisible hand helping me reach my goals."

The difference for him between online resources and those he accesses through the library is that "where the Internet gives me answers, the library has given me understanding," he says, whether that has meant a teen librarian who found him a book for students trying to increase their ACT score, a reference desk assistant who remembered him the next time he walked in and referred him to a book that she thought would help with the research paper he was working on, or Branch Manager Diane Cutler, who discovered a scholarship opportunity that fit him perfectly.

"I would not have been awarded the scholarships I received, gotten in the 99th percentile for ACT testing scores in the country, received the awards for academic papers I have written, gotten admission into the third best business school in the country or been able to cost-effectively travel to the places I have been had it not been for the resources and people at my local library: the one true search engine to the answers I want, without fail."


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