My KDL Story: Molly Frendo

"It's gotten to the point where you can take library resources with you anywhere..."

Molly Frendo

Peek inside one of the private study rooms on the second floor at the Kentwood branch and chances are you'll find Molly Frendo. On a recent weekday evening, Molly visited the branch in search of a quiet place to prepare a presentation for one of her graduate studies courses at Michigan State University, where she majors in educational psychology and educational technology.

Studying at home just isn't conducive to concentration, she explained.

"It's easier for me to study if I go somewhere else. When I'm home I can find a million things to distract me."

There's plenty at the library to pull away her attention, of course. DVDs to check out are a temptation, she admits, but most of the KDL resources she regularly takes advantage of are the online variety, such as eBooks and downloadable magazine subscriptions through Zinio — services she makes a point to talk up to friends and family.

"It's gotten to the point where you can take library resources with you anywhere," she said.


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