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Some of our patrons tell us why they love the library:


[The library] has instilled a life-long love of books and reading. I look forward to sharing a similar experience with my own children some day."
~ Bethany, January 2010



The library has always been a place where I could let my imagination soar."
~ Autumn, January 2010



I love my local Caledonia library. I visit Jane, Betsy, and the gang as often as I can.  They have become the 'personal shoppers' for my literary world!"
~ Jamie, January 2010



When the Byron Center branch started having the therapy dogs come in the summer, we signed our son up for a slot every week. He loved it! Thank you for giving us the answer to help our son improve his reading skills."
~ Cindy, January 2010



You gals [library staff] are always so helpful.
~ Grandville branch patron, December 2009



I love coming to the library, and just browsing around until I find something interesting — and I always do.
~ Comstock Park branch patron, October 2009



“Thank you for hosting the Renaissance Faire in Grandville today. It was a delightful afternoon — very educational and interesting.”
~ Judy, September 2009



“Wonderful improvements to the website! Thanks for making it more user-friendly!”
~ Kathy, September 2009



“I am thoroughly impressed with not only the exceptional staff and their willingness to always help, but also the wide selection of books to choose from... I'm so happy to see that KDL has invested in the learning of other cultures and want to thank you.”
~ Wyoming branch patron, September 2009



“I just wanted to commend the EGR library staff for hosting another great park party yesterday. I am continually amazed at the wonderful programs that are offered, free of charge, from our public library. THANK YOU!!”
~ Melissa, July 2009



“[After a bad library experience] a friend suggested we try the Grandville Library. We have been going there ever since! We love it! Everyone is so kind and helpful... Thank you to everyone at the Grandville branch.”
~ Stephanie, July 2009



“If anybody asks the value of a library... it is essential.”
~ Sand Lake / Nelson Township branch patron, July 2009



“I enjoy my local library because it's like a pastry shop to me. I can taste all the different categories of books I'm in the mood for.”
~ Marilyn, June 2009



“The puppet show was wonderful! We woke up singing the songs the next morning.”
~ Tyrone Township branch patron, June 2009



“As a former elementary librarian and an avid reader of series books, your What's Next resource is invaluable... THANK YOU so much for keeping this up-to-date.”
~ Rosemarie, June 2009



“Thank you for your continuous effort to make your library more accessible and for expanding its scope and range so that those of us determined to adapt have the tools for doing so.”
~ Samuel, June 2009



“I LOVE coming to KDL for books, DVDs and computers! I ALSO LOVE THE POKEMON CLUB!”
~ Amanda, May 2009



“We love the library!!! We frequent the library at least once or twice a week. Our lives have been so enriched by the opportunities the library provides.
~ Heather, April 2009



“Thanks for signing me up for that computer class. It is just what I needed... The individual attention was really helpful. Thanks a million!”
~ Kentwood branch patron, February 2009



“Oh, I just loved this book when I was little!”
~ A young Walker branch patron, October 2008



“I am a librarian at a public library in Central Florida. We (my staff and I) use your website all of the time! Our patrons really appreciate getting a printout of a series list when they stumble upon a new author. Thank you for your hard work.”
~ Kristine, September 2008



“I am 11 years old, and I now love to read because of your summer reading club. I got a chapter book done in two nights. That is a short amount of time for me and fast! I am just thanking you so so much. Thank you!”
~ Rose, July 2008



“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we enjoy your Leap into Reading program. You always do such a fabulous job!”
~ Wyoming branch patron and teacher, June 2008



“Two things I always carry with me are my driver's license and my library card.”
~ Comstock Park branch patron, March 2008



“What would we ever do without our library?”
~ Alto branch patron, November 2007



“It's just like Christmas every time I come here. New displays and new items.”
~ Gaines Township branch patron, October 2007



“I love your webpage. When I get older cars in for repair and need the manuals, I just use Chilton online instead of crawling into my attic archives.”
~ Cascade branch patron, September 2007



“I love this place.”
~ A young Kentwood branch patron, July 2007



“One of the good things about coming home was getting back to a ‘good’ library.”
~ Alto branch patron, June 2007



“Finding your library is the best thing that ever happened to me.”
~ Comstock Park branch patron, February 2007



“We go library today?”
~ A young Rockford branch patron, December 2006



“Thank you for having a great summer reading program.”
~ Karissa, age 7, August 2006



“I love how you have ‘modernized’ the library and made it more specialized. The services you provide the community are invaluable. Keep up the great work!”
~ Cascade branch patron, August 2006



“That's what I love about libraries. I am computer illiterate, but libraries always help me. You guys are great!”
~ Kentwood branch patron, April 2006



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