Online Productivity


Online Productivity

From Email, Word-Processing, Spreadsheets and More — check out these free online productivity applications!


  • Gmail - Robust email application from Google.
  • Yahoo! Mail - Yahoo's popular email service.
  • Hotmail - Email service from Microsoft.


Online Office Applications:

  • - Suite of online productivity application including word processor, spreadsheet, and more.
  • Google Docs - Includes word processing, spreadsheets, calendar, and more (integrated with Gmail).
  • ThinkFree - Self-described "Best Online Office on Earth" — the free alternative to Microsoft Office.


Mapping Applications:

  • MapQuest - One of the original user-friendly mapping tools.
  • Google Maps - a robust mapping application.


Free Online Storage:

  • - 50GB of free online storage & backup
  • FreeDrive - 1GB of free storage
  • - Nice sharing capabilities, easy to use; 1GB of free storage.


Additional Productivity Applications:

  • Delicious - Save and share favorites and bookmarks online; access them anywhere!  
  • Writeboard - Robust collaborative document creation.
  • AskKDL - Ask a question, get an answer.


And, if you need help with some computer basics, be sure to check out KDL's Computer Classes!