KDL Policies & Publications

Policies and Guidelines:

Distribution Through KDL
Guidelines for Distributing Materials to KDL branches

Guidelines for Computer Use
Rules and Regulations for Patron Use of KDL Computer Equipment

Acceptable Use Policy (Computer/Internet Use)
Guidelines for Internet use in KDL branches

Library Customer Responsibilities
Rules and Regulations for library branch usage

Materials Selection Policy
Guidelines for Materials Selection at KDL

KDL Policy Manual
Complete KDL Policy Manual (PDF)



General Publications:

Michigan Library Laws Handbook
2013 Updated Edition


KDL Publications:

Annual Reports
KDL's Annual Reports
Fact Books
KDL objectives, statistical analysis, and organizational information

Strategic Plan
Statement of KDL's long-term objectives and goals

Demographic Study and Opinion Survey
Results of a demographic study and opinion survey of KDL service area residents conducted in 2013

KDL Pension Information
Pension information for current and past KDL employees

KDL Newsletters
Stay informed about KDL events, services, and resources