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Community Room Policies and Application


Availability of Room:

A. Public meeting space shall be available to non-profit groups, clubs, and organizations to be determined upon the following priority schedule:

  1. First priority will be granted to the library for its functions and to other municipally-sponsored activities. These programs have precedence over other meetings, and groups may occasionally be notified to reschedule their meetings to avoid a conflict.

  2. Second priority will be granted to non-profit groups that serve a local benefit.

*NOTE: The room shall only be available for rental to non-profit ventures (unless approved by the Library Board).

B. According to fire regulations, the 850 square foot room can accommodate up to 130 persons, or seat 50 persons at tables.

C. The meeting room is available from 8:00am to 10:30pm.

D. The meeting room is not available to individuals for personal entertaining. Showers, anniversaries, receptions, graduations, and the like are inappropriate use of the room.

E. Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages on the premises are prohibited.

F. Groups may serve only beverages and snacks. The service of any other food shall be indicated on the application and must be approved by the Library Board.

G. Nothing may be affixed to walls or ceiling.

H. Groups using the room may not store materials on the premises.

I. An application for use of the meeting room is available at the reference desk. In the case of repeated use, each date must be registered on the application.

Room rental fee is as follows (checks payable to City of Rockford):

Hours of Rental                                    Rental Fee

4 hours or less                                        $20.00

Each additional 4 hr. block                     $10.00

 *NOTE:The rental fee will be returned if cancellation is made at least two weeks (14 calendar days) in advance of the rental date. The room shall only be available for rental to non-profit ventures (unless approved by theLibrary Board).

Cleaning Deposit:

A cleaning deposit of $20 (check payable to City of Rockford) is required prior to use of meeting room. This will be refunded after use of room. Failure to provide cleaning of areas used by rental group may result in forfeiture of deposit.

 **If paying by check, separate checks for the cleaning deposit and rental fee are required**



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