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The Hebrew Hammer

The Hebrew Hammer


Title: The Hebrew Hammer

Author: COM DVD HEB / R

KDL Description:

Jewish superhero Mordechai Jefferson Carver (a.k.a.: The Hebrew Hammer) attempts to save Hanukkah from a psychotic Santa Claus.

Amazon Description:

THE HEBREW HAMMER stars Adam Goldberg in the title role of this holiday farce as a handsome Orthodox stud and man of action who is called upon to save Hanukkah. When Santa Claus’ evil son Damian (Dick) is pushed over the edge by his father’s liberal policies, he murders the Christian patriarch and, stepping into the vacated role, launches a nefarious worldwide campaign to eradicate the Jewish Holiday. The Hammer joins forces with Esther (Greer), the gorgeous daughter of the chief of the Jewish Justice League to topple Damian and save Hanukkah for future generations.