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The Darkness that Comes Before (The Prince of Nothing)

The Darkness that Comes Before (The Prince of Nothing)

ISBN: 9781590201183

Title: The Darkness that Comes Before (The Prince of Nothing)

Author: R. Scott Bakker

KDL Description:


Many centuries ago, the world was nearly destroyed by the dark wizards of the Consult. Then from the wild, uncharted north comes a mysterious philosopher-warrior, descendant of the ancient High Kings. But his return could mean the end of the world.

Amazon Description:

Strikingly original in its conception, ambitious in scope, with characters engrossingly and vividly drawn, the first book in R. Scott Bakker’s Prince of Nothing series creates a remarkable world from whole cloth—it’s language and classes of people, its cities, religions, mysteries, taboos, and rituals—the kind of all-embracing universe that has thrilled readers of Stephen R Donaldson and George R.R. Martin.It’s a world scarred by an acopalyptic past, evoking a time both two thousand years past and two thousand years into the future, as untold thousands gather for a crusade. Travelling among them, two men and two women are ensnared by a mysterious traveler, Anasurimbor Kellhus—part warrior, part philosopher, part sorcerous, charismatic presence—from lands long thought dead. The Darkness that Comes Before is a history of this great holy war, and like all histories, the survivors write its conclusion.With this stunning debut, R. Scott Bakker is poised to become one of the next great fantasy writers of his generation. The Darkness that Comes Before proves again that epic fantasy can be intelligent, majestic, and terrifying.