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The Lightstone

The Lightstone

ISBN: 0765349930

Title: The Lightstone

Author: David Zindell

KDL Description:


Seasoned fantasy readers will recall Tolkien as they read of the island continent Ea coming under the power of the fallen dark angel Morjin. All Morjin needs to rule forever is the Lightstone. Many who seek it do not return, but Prince Valashu and his squire begin a journey to find the Lightstone.

Amazon Description:

On the island continent of Ea it is a dark time of chaos and war. Morjin, immortal fallen angel and Lord of Lies seeks to enslave the entire world. The one thing that may destroy him is the legendary Lightstone, an object lost in the mist of time. A call is sent out by those still free to seek this grail and give Men hope after ages of despair. It is a quest that none have seen the like of in ten generations. And most believe is doomed to fail. What hero is man enough, brave enough…or foolish enough to embark on such a mad quest? Valashu Elahad, the seventh and youngest Valeri prince of the royal house of Mesh is such a man. With his faithful companion Maram by his side Valashu will journey to the farthest reaches of Ea to try and reclaim this mystical object, to free the world of Morjin’s evil and save his people from sure destruction. Along the way he will discover truths about friendship, courage…and love. And come to discover a power that threatens to sunder his world.