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The Best of Bonnie Raitt

The Best of Bonnie Raitt

ISBN: B0000C6FI7

Title: The Best of Bonnie Raitt

Author: Bonnie Raitt

KDL Description:



Nancy/Comstock Park

Amazon Description:

1. Thing Called Love
2. Nick of Time
3. Love Letter
4. Have a Heart
5. Something to Talk About
6. I Can’t Make You Love Me
7. Not the Only One Radio Edit Version 8. Love Sneakin’ Up on You
9. You
10. Dimming of the Day
11. Love Me Like a Man Live
12. Spit of Love
13. One Belief Away Radio Edit Version 14. Lover’s Will Radio Edit Version
15. I Can’t Help You Now
16. Gnawin’ on It
17. Silver Lining Radio Edit Version 18. Hear Me Lord 5:33