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ISBN: B000089RVU

Title: Bare

Author: Annie Lennox

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Annie Lennox’s first album of original songs in 11 years on is a stylish tour de force that showcases the former Eurythmics chanteuse in all her chilly, shimmering splendor. Her formidable voice is still a supple and intriguing instrument, lithely shape-shifting between emotions, personas, and musical forms. Lennox moves effortlessly from the sparse and pristine lament of “A Thousand Beautiful Things” to the deceptively simple “Pavement Cracks,” a solemn ballad that is transformed by electro dance beats that recall some of the best of the Eurythmics. But Lennox’s quixotic voice is best utilized as an old-school soul instrument; she makes a metaphoric journey to Motown on “Hurting Time,” a reflective ballad could have been lifted off a Miracles album. “Honesty,” shows the Scottish diva at her well-mannered best, occupying the same sophisticated space formerly held by Carly Simon. —Jaan Uhelszki