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The Bread of Angels: A Journey to Love and Faith

The Bread of Angels: A Journey to Love and Faith

ISBN: 0307280462

Title: The Bread of Angels: A Journey to Love and Faith

Author: Stephanie Saldana

KDL Description:


Saldana easily took to a career of danger journalism, reporting from risky locales. When the love affair that had provided to her a sense of normalcy ended, she opted to take the Fulbright scholarship she had won to study the Muslim Jesus in Damascus, arriving in Syria in 2004 amid the post-9/11 war in Iraq.

Amazon Description:

When Stephanie Saldaña arrives in Damascus, she’s twenty-seven years old, brokenhearted, and running from a haunted family history that she has crossed the world to escape. But in an ancient Christian monastery carved into the desert cliffs, she will be forced to confront the life she left behind. Soon she will meet a series of improbable teachers: a female sheikh, an elderly neighbor, a wounded refugee, and Frédéric, a young French novice monk who becomes her best friend. What follows is one woman’s tender story of falling in love: with God, with her own life, and with a man she knows she can never have. Wise, funny, and heartbreaking, The Bread of Angels celebrates the surprising places where we can find a home, and the possibility of true love.