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Reading to Peanut

Reading to Peanut

ISBN: 9780823423392

Title: Reading to Peanut

Author: Leda Schubert

KDL Description:


Lucy works hard to learn to read and write before her dog’s birthday.

Amazon Description:

Lucy needs to learn to read and write. Why? It’s a secret!

Mom and Dad help her make word-and-picture signs on sticky notes that she attaches to objects. That’s what her teacher does in school. For the first sign Lucy draws a picture of Dad, and Dad writes the letters. Lucy sticks the sticky note on Dad’s nose, but her dog, Peanut, chews it! Peanut chews all signs—Mom, beans, peas, corn, and more.

After much time and many words, Lucy makes Peanut a vegetable doggy cake, and reveals her secret. She has learned to read and write to make Peanut a birthday card.