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How to Cook

How to Cook

ISBN: 9780756672140

Title: How to Cook

Author: DK Publishing

KDL Description:

Presents a collection of recipes for teen cooks, as well as tips and advice on common kitchen appliances and techniques.

Amazon Description:

“How to Cook” gives teens the know-how and confidence to cook their own meals, whether for themselves or to impress friends and family. The 100 easy-to-follow recipes offer plenty of ideas to get them started. From Ginger-chicken stir-fry to scrumptious mini cheesecakes, there’s a great balance of healthy meals and treats from different countries around the world. Fascinating information on ingredients, origins, seasonality, healthy eating, and insights into food culture are spread throughout the text-so young adults are kept informed about what they’re eating, but in a light and fun way. With this great selection of adaptable recipes, food facts, and fail-safe techniques, “How to Cook” will get teens creative in the kitchen, and enthusiastic about food for life.