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The Darkest Part of the Woods

The Darkest Part of the Woods

ISBN: 0765330202

Title: The Darkest Part of the Woods

Author: Ramsey Campbell

KDL Description:


The lives of the Price family become intertwined with the ancient forest of Goodmanswood. Lennox Price discovers a hallucinogenic moss that becomes the focus of a cult, his grandson has a sexual encounter in the forest, and his daughter, Heather, also feels the summoning of Goodmanswood.

Amazon Description:

Ramsey Campbell has been acclaimed as a “master of dark fantasy” by Clive Barker, the “master of a skewed and exquisitely terrifying style” by Library Journal, “one of the world’s foremost horror writers” by the San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle, and a “master of mood” by Publishers Weekly. The Darkest Part of the Woods is contemporary dark fantasy, bordering on horror. It is evocative, emotional, and disturbing.

The Darkest Part of the Woods introduces the Price family, whose fates are entangled with the ancient forest of Goodmanswood. Dr. Lennox Price discovered a hallucinogenic moss that became the focus of a cult. After Lennox’s death, his widow seems to see and hear him in the trees—or is it a dark version of the Green Man that caresses her with leafy hands? Lennox’s grandson heeds a call to lie in his lover’s arms in the very heart of the forest—and cannot help but wonder what the fruit of that love will be.

And Heather, Lennox’s daughter, who turned her back on her father’s mysteries and sought sanctuary in the world of facts and history? Goodmanswood summons her as well….