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Gloria Rising

Gloria Rising

ISBN: 0374326754

Title: Gloria Rising

Author: Ann Cameron

KDL Description:


A chance meeting with a woman astronaut encourages Gloria to try to be her best self, even with her difficult fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Yardley.

Amazon Description:

Sequel to the popular Gloria’s Way

Sometimes it’s the little things that are really big. Gloria learns this when her mom sends her to the grocery store for an onion, and because of the onion she meets Dr. Grace Street, a famous astronaut. But how is she supposed to understand Dr. Street’s advice that the big things are not always as big as they seem – teacher troubles, for example? It’s only the beginning of fourth grade, and already Gloria has enormous teacher troubles! The Dragon of Doom, a.k.a. Mrs. Yardley, doesn’t seem to like Gloria, or anyone else for that matter – except for Billy Watkins, the class bully. Things go from bad to worse when Billy gets the whole class in trouble. Then a surprise school visit from Dr. Street reminds Gloria that she knows how to rise above her difficulties.