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Eating Enchiladas (Simply Sarah)

Eating Enchiladas (Simply Sarah)

ISBN: 0761453008

Title: Eating Enchiladas (Simply Sarah)

Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

KDL Description:


A sleepover inspires Sarah, who likes to do things differently, to chose Mexico for her “Countries of the World” presentation.

Amazon Description:

Sarah Simpson likes to think of ideas that are anything but ordinary. When her third-grade teacher asks each student to pick a country and give an oral report, Sarah wants her choice to be really special. Maybe she should talk about England, since England has a queen and a castle. But as she learns more, she discovers that England isn’t quite as interesting as she thought. For one thing, the English speak the same language as Americans. Sarah finally thinks of a new idea when she sleeps over at her friend Mercedes’ apartment and learns wonderful things about Mexico.