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Not-So-Weird Emma

Not-So-Weird Emma

ISBN: 0670060054

Title: Not-So-Weird Emma

Author: Sally Warner

KDL Description:


Eight-year-old Emma is just beginning to like her new school when her friend Cynthia starts telling other kids that Emma is, well, a little strange.

Amazon Description:

“Emma doesn’t mind being weird,” Cynthia says.”You should see her bedroom.”

My bedroom. I can’t believe what I am hearing.

“It’s all covered with nature posters,”Cynthia adds.”It’s just like being in a boy’s room!”

Why is Cynthia calling Emma weird? They are supposed to be friends!

Well, two can play at that game. In Emma’s opinion, Cynthia is kind of a bossy pants. Before long, Emma’s entire third grade class is swapping outrageous nicknames like Jar-head, Shrimpy, and even Porky. While it’s funny at first, Emma begins to see how much name calling can hurt. But before Emma can call for a truce, her teacher beats her to it and makes the most dreaded call of all—the one to everyone’s parents!

Fresh and funny, with a side of wisdom, this second book about eight year-old Emma is sure to entertain many young readers.