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Raider's Ransom: Flood and Fire

Raider's Ransom: Flood and Fire

ISBN: 0545242681

Title: Raider's Ransom: Flood and Fire

Author: Emily Diamand

KDL Description:


In 22nd-century Cambridge, England, thirteen-year-old Lilly Melkun must try to stop the strange, uncontrollable robots that were activated when a sinister-looking chip in her hand-held computer triggered a false anti-terrorist alert.

Amazon Description:

The Riveting Sequel to the Award-Winning RAIDERSRANSOM

She survived the epic battle of the raiders on the rough waters that flood England. Now poor fishergirl Lilly is determined to return Lexy, the Prime Minister’s kidnapped daughter, to her home. And since his father was killed in the clash, Zeph is equally determined to claim leadership of his family’s clan before more savage tribes invade the marshlands. But will the electromagnetic pulse of an omnipotent computer set the world aflame and wipe out all humans so that artificial intelligence can take over the future?! It’s up to the unlikely trio of children—and their petulant, unpredictable gameboard PSAI —to rage against the machines!