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Babar the Magician (Babar (Harry N. Abrams))

Babar the Magician (Babar (Harry N. Abrams))

ISBN: 0810958635

Title: Babar the Magician (Babar (Harry N. Abrams))

Author: Laurent de Brunhoff

KDL Description:


Babar takes magic lessons and puts on a show for his family and friends.

Amazon Description:

Babar has been taking magic lessons, and he decides to put on a show at the palace. First, Babar makes two doves fly out of his hat. Then, he covers Flora with his cloak – and pulls it away to reveal Arthur! Babar even uses magic to make Zephir the monkey float out of the room. However, will Babar be able to get Zephir back? Twenty-five years after its first publication, Babar the Magician enchants a whole new generation of Babar fans.