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Monkey See, Look at Me!

Monkey See, Look at Me!

ISBN: 9780803737372

Title: Monkey See, Look at Me!

Author: Lorena Siminovich

KDL Description:


When Monkey claims to be different animals, a group of his friends demonstrates that, although Monkey cannot do what they can, such as fly like a bird or roar like a lion, they cannot do what he can, either.

Amazon Description:

A playful and eye-catching story about showing off and sharing

The founder of popular children’s d├ęcor brand Petit Collage brings her signature collage style and modern, kid-friendly sensibility to picture books with this story of an attention-seeking little monkey with a great big imagination. When Monkey jumps high, he decides he must be a rabbit. When he roars, Monkey just knows he must be a lion—until Lion shows him how loudly a real lion can roar. In this playful game of “monkey see, monkey do,” Monkey and his animal friends share what makes each of them special just the way they are.