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Monkey Truck

Monkey Truck

ISBN: 9780805088786

Title: Monkey Truck

Author: Michael Slack

KDL Description:


Monkey Truck comes racing to the rescue anytime there is trouble in the jungle.

Amazon Description:

Product Description

Monkey Truck is a truck with a mission. He’s on the lookout for all sorts of jungle bungles—there are chameleons to rescue before they are squashed, snakes to untangle, and hippos to pull free. And look out for that TSUNAMI! This playful picture book, with its chant-along language and plucky pictures, is perfect for little ones who like trucks and animals (probably the two most popular toddler topics). The paper-over-board format complete with heavy interior stock makes it an excellent choice for preschoolers.

A Look Inside Monkey Truck
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When there’s trouble in the jungle… His overdrive engine burns banana gas!
He puts his pedal to the metal He wakes up the bats sleeping in the tree.