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The Other Woman's House: A Novel

The Other Woman's House: A Novel

ISBN: 0143121510

Title: The Other Woman's House: A Novel

Author: Sophie Hannah

KDL Description:


Connie Bowskill sees a bloody, murdered woman in the virtual tour of an online real estate listing, but the images aren’t there when she shows her husband.

Amazon Description:

The latest gripping psychological thriller from the internationally bestselling author of The Wrong Mother and The Cradle in the Grave

Featuring the return of detectives Charlie Zailer and Simon Waterhouse, Sophie Hannah’s latest novel offers the spine-tingling thrills her ever-increasing fan base adores.

It’s past midnight, but Connie Bowskill can’t sleep. To pass the time, she logs on to a real estate website in search of a particular house, one she is obsessed with for reasons she’s too scared to even admit to herself. As she clicks through the virtual tour, she comes across a scene from a nightmare: a woman lying facedown on the living room floor in a pool of blood. But when she returns to show her husband, there is no body, no blood—just a perfectly ordinary room. With plot twists that will keep readers up all night, The Other Woman’s House is another unforgettable story by a new master of the crime novel.