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Shit My Dad Says

Shit My Dad Says

ISBN: 0330533452

Title: Shit My Dad Says

Author: Justin Halpern

KDL Description:


The international bestseller and Twitter sensation: a brilliant new comic voice, and a 100% real father-son relationship that lies somewhere between Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Wonder Years.

Amazon Description:

At 28 years old, I found myself living at home, with my 73-year-old father. As a child, my father never minced words, and when I screwed up, he had a way of cutting right through the bullshit and pointing out exactly why I was being an idiot. When I moved back in I was still, for the most part, an idiot. But this time, I was smart enough to write down all the things he said to me. Meet Justin Halpern and his dad.