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The Edge of Impropriety (Signet Eclipse)

The Edge of Impropriety (Signet Eclipse)

ISBN: 0451233506

Title: The Edge of Impropriety (Signet Eclipse)

Author: Pam Rosenthal

KDL Description:


The ribald private life of novelist Countess Marina Wyatt is the stuff of public scandal and it doesn’t hurt the sale of her romances either. But she is totally unprepared for her consuming new affair with Jasper James Hedges, noted art appraiser and her former lover’s uncle. In Marina, Jasper sees a work of art of another kind. Nothing can compare to what Jasper delivers, an erotic and dangerous voyage to the edge of impropriety and beyond.

Amazon Description:

Popular novelist and Countess of Gorham Marina Wyatt knows her public scandals help sell her romances. Her latest novel coincides with the arrival of her lover’s uncle, Jasper James Hedges-an antiquarian who sees a priceless work of art in Marina. For all of her passionate works, none compare to the erotic adventure that Jasper promises…