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Women's Health Daily Fix: Your Guide to Healthy Habits for Good Nutrition

Women's Health Daily Fix: Your Guide to Healthy Habits for Good Nutrition

ISBN: 1594868476

Title: Women's Health Daily Fix: Your Guide to Healthy Habits for Good Nutrition

Author: Alexa L Fishback

KDL Description:


Explaining the importance of embracing healthy habits over dieting, a busy women’s guide to losing weight, managing stress, and promoting optimal health challenges programs that eliminate food groups and explains how to adopt health-bolstering habits in twelve “trouble zone” areas.

Amazon Description:

One thing that women know about healthy eating is that the healthy habits keep changing. Who has the time or the patience to keep up? After all, today’s on-the-go working girl can barely pause to count the change from her morning coffee, much less count carbs, fat grams, or calories.
At last, there’s a guide to good eating, created just for women, that helps them navigate the dietary temptations they face every day and still enjoy the foods they love—no complex nutritional calculations or abandonment of entire food groups required! In The Daily Fix, nutritionist Alexa Fishback distills the fundamentals of good nutrition into 12 distinct, easy-to-adopt daily habits targeting “trouble zones” in which women tend to make unhealthy food choices, and includes on-the-spot strategies for staying on track.
For example:
-Healthy Habit #1: Need a cuppa to start the day? Drink up! Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants. Just be wary of the add-ons—including artificial sweeteners, which can ramp up appetite
-Healthy Habit #5: Stuck in a lunchtime eat-and-meet? Learn how to healthfully navigate the conference room spread. (Hint: Discreetly peel away the cheese slice from the pre-made turkey sandwich, and save 100 calories)
-Healthy Habit #9: Socializing with colleagues after work? A margarita may be hip, but it also pads the hips. Order red wine instead; it’s up to 400 calories lighter—and it has health benefits as well
These are dietary habits for the real world, patterned after a woman’s typical daily routine. Fishback teaches women to “eat clean”—establish healthy dietary habits through habit management—rather than fear certain foods. With a few slight adjustments, they’ll be on the path to lifetime weight control and well-being.