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Spa: Bliss Music for Massage

Spa: Bliss Music for Massage

ISBN: B006WAF214

Title: Spa: Bliss Music for Massage

Author: MUSIC

KDL Description:


David Arkenstone and George Tortorelli create a fresh sounding CD that is ideal for massage, yoga, or meditation.

Amazon Description:

2012 release from the New Age veteran, an installment in his Spa series of releases. David’s music has recently been described as Cinematic new age rock. “It is sometimes difficult to categorize my music and this is a term I can live with,” David responded. “I enjoy bringing many different influences together in my music,” he continues. World music, classical rock, and new age are some of the styles I draw from and enjoy weaving into an entertaining and adventurous whole. I have always loved the sound of the orchestra. Now I believe I have refined a wonderful blend combining the best elements of the acoustic world, with the electronic world.”