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The Silver Linings Playbook [movie tie-in edition]: A Novel

The Silver Linings Playbook [movie tie-in edition]: A Novel

ISBN: 0374533571

Title: The Silver Linings Playbook [movie tie-in edition]: A Novel

Author: Matthew Quick

KDL Description:

I don’t read a great deal of adult fiction, but I whipped through this in one sitting. Perhaps I was motivated by Bradley Cooper’s face on the cover. This was an engaging story about Pat, who has spent the last few years in a mental health facility. He can’t recall why exactly he was put in “the bad place,” and his family isn’t filling in the blanks. I really rooted for the main characters in this book, and wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery of Pat’s previous life. Now I want to see the movie!
–Liz at KDL’s Plainfield Township branch

Amazon Description:

A heartwarming debut novel, now a major movie by David O. Russell—nominated for eight Academy Awards (including Best Picture), four Golden Globes, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards!

“Aawww shucks!” NPR’s Nancy Pearl said. “I know that’s hardly a usual way to begin a book review, but it was my immediate response to finishing Matthew Quick’s heartwarming, humorous and soul-satisfying first novel . . . This book makes me smile.”

Meet Pat Peoples. Pat has a theory: his life is a movie produced by God. And his God-given mission is to become physically fit and emotionally literate, whereupon God will ensure him a happy ending—the return of his estranged wife, Nikki. (It might not come as a surprise to learn that Pat has spent several years in a mental health facility.) The problem is, Pat’s now home, and everything feels off. No one will talk to him about Nikki; his beloved Philadelphia Eagles keep losing; he’s being pursued by the deeply odd Tiffany; his new therapist seems to recommend adultery as a form of therapy. Plus, he’s being haunted by Kenny G!

David O. Russell, the Oscar-nominated director of The Fighter, is helming his own adaptation of The Silver Linings Playbook, featuring Bradley Cooper (People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive) in the role of Pat, alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Julia Stiles, Chris Tucker, and Jacki Weaver. As the award-winning novelist Justin Cronin put it: “Tender, soulful, hilarious, and true, The Silver Linings Playbook is a wonderful debut.”