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The Unfortunate Son

The Unfortunate Son

ISBN: 0670013986

Title: The Unfortunate Son

Author: Constance Leeds

KDL Description:


“Luc is a boy who, though born into nobility, was also born with only ear. Because of this, he is cast out and leads the life of a commoner, right up until he’s captured by pirates! Set in the late 1400s and brimming with historical tidbits from the time, I couldn’t put this book down. The story of Luc’s true family, the pirates selling slaves, and Luc’s quest to find his way home all make for an excellent read.”
—Liz at KDL’s Plainfield Township branch

Amazon Description:

Kidnapping, family secrets, and adventure on the high seas—perfect for middle grade fans of historical fiction!

What does it mean to be lucky? Luc doesn’t really know. He was born with just one ear, his father constantly berates him, and his younger brother is already bigger and stronger than he is. But when he is chosen to become an apprentice to a local fisherman, his life takes a turn for the better. Luc is a natural at sea, and before long he and a teenaged girl who lives with the fisherman form a strong bond. That bond is tested when Luc is taken captive by a band of merciless pirates, and sold into slavery.

Moving from 1485 to 1500, from France to Africa, from humble beginnings to a noble future, this historical fiction adventure will leave readers pondering the true meaning of good fortune.