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An Age of Madness

An Age of Madness

ISBN: 1597092347

Title: An Age of Madness

Author: David Maine

KDL Description:

““Psychiatrist—heal thyself” (and your family, and personal history, as well as all your patients in all their settings—oh—and watch out for those personal relationships!). Dr Regina Moss’ family epitomizes the cliché that psychiatrists have the most messed-up families. This author gradually reveals more and more in this layered, intriguingly well written novel about a family which literally fell apart. I’m glad to say it’s not all a downer, though. A fascinating read.”
—Suzanne at KDL’s Cascade Township branch

Amazon Description:

Dr. Regina Moss has built herself a successful career as a psychiatrist in Boston: she enjoys a lucrative private practice, hefty consultation fees, and a reputation that inspires colleagues and patients alike. Why then, is Regina haunted by her past? Why does her own daughter barely speak to her? What’s the story with her gruff, softhearted husband Walter—and why can’t Regina stop thinking about the lanky new tech on the ward? An Age of Madness peels back the layers of Regina’s psyche in a voice that is brash, bitter, and blackly humorous, laying bare her vulnerabilities while drawing the reader unnervingly close to this memorable heroine.
From the author of The Preservationist, which was hailed as “hilarious and illuminating” by The Los Angeles Times Book Review and “pithy and smart” by the New York Post, comes the latest turnabout in a career filled with unexpected surprises. An Age of Madness brings a sharp edge of psychological realism to a story filled with startling revelations and heartrending twists.