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Embroidered Ground: Revisiting the Garden

Embroidered Ground: Revisiting the Garden

ISBN: 0374256322

Title: Embroidered Ground: Revisiting the Garden

Author: Page Dickey

KDL Description:


The author of Duck Hill Journal shares memories from three decades of work in her personal garden, describing endeavors that failed and succeeded while sharing her views on the elements of a positive gardening experience.

Amazon Description:

A memorable book about making a renowned garden work

In Embroidered Ground: Revisiting the Garden, the acclaimed author and garden designer Page Dickey writes of the pitfalls, challenges, successes, and myriad pleasures of the twenty-nineyear-long process of creating her own remarkable garden, Duck Hill, in upstate New York. This winning book details the evolution of one especially loved and cared-for space: its failed schemes and realized dreams, and the wisdom gained in contending with an ever evolving work of art. The author shares her very personal views on what contributes to a garden’s success—structure, fragrance, the play of light and shadow, patterns and textures, multiseasonal plants. She writes of gardening with a husband, with wildlife, with dogs and chickens. And she grapples with how to adapt her garden—as we can adapt ours—to change in the years ahead.