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Thoughtful Gardening

Thoughtful Gardening

ISBN: 0465021964

Title: Thoughtful Gardening

Author: Robin Lane Fox

KDL Description:


With wit and wisdom, an Oxford historian and Financial Times gardening columnist recounts his deep passion and appreciation for gardening.

Amazon Description:

In Thoughtful Gardening, award-winning historian and Financial Times gardening columnist Robin Lane Fox takes readers on a delightful journey through each season of the gardening year. From fending off vine-weevils to visiting Yves Saint Laurent’s private gardens in Marrakech, Fox imbues each of his musings with grace, sophistication, and charm. Essential reading for anyone planting a new garden or taking stock of one after several years, Thoughtful Gardening offers expert advice and a touching reminder of the power of art and literature to deepen what we see and experience in nature.

Combining a vast understanding of horticulture with witty and stylish storytelling, these vignettes form—season by season—a rich reflection on the lessons, challenges, and joys of life with a green thumb.