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ISBN: 1845335325

Title: Bulb

Author: Anna Pavord

KDL Description:


An authoritative guide to six hundred of the most beautiful bulbs on the earth, from acis to zigadenus, providing information on flowering size, height, planting depth, soil requirements, and climatic conditions.

Amazon Description:

A personal selection and authoritative guide to the most beautiful bulbs on the earth.

The publication of Anna Pavord’s guide to her favorite bulbs, corms, and tubers is an event to be celebrated. Here, the world famous author of The Tulip, selects 540 favorite bulbs, more bulbs than and gardener could grow in a lifetime.

Easy-to-grow, generally inexpensive and highly accessible, bulbs are readily available from many outlets. From acis, anemones and arums to zantedeschia, zephyranthes, and zigadenus, this alphabetical collection provides inspiration, insight, anecdote, and helpful advice. Special photography reveals the glory of each bulb, explaining flowering size, height, planting depth and requires soil and climatic conditions.

This gorgeous book, a complete deluxe package, will appeal to gardeners as the world’s most authoritative and affordable reference work on bulbs.