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ISBN: 1552978869

Title: Hostas

Author: Rosemary Barrett

KDL Description:


Dubbing hostas “a perfect perennial,” a nursery owner and hybridizer of “Biddy’s Blue” overviews their introduction to the West, growth requirements, and niche in diverse landscapes. She lists challenging as well as common cultivars and resources.

Amazon Description:

Hostas is the definitive guide to the popular hardy perennial that gardeners have come to rely upon and enjoy. Favored for their beauty and longevity, these shade-loving, low-maintenance plants bear foliage in all manner of shape, size and texture and in colors ranging from steel blue, tonal greens and yellows to multi-colored. Their long-blooming, aromatic flowers come in variations of white, pale lavender and blue-purple.

The growing season for hostas stretches from early spring to late fall, and they flourish in Zone 3—most of the continental United States as well as populated areas of Canada and Alaska.

Rosemary Barrett provides expert advice on these outstanding plants. Following a brief section on the history of hostas, she covers the various cultivars in fine detail, with topics that include:

  • Cultivation
  • Enhancing a garden
  • Propagation
  • Container-growing
  • Landscaping
  • Plant and tree companions
  • Borders and beds
  • A catalog of hostas
  • Garden settings.

Featuring lush color photographs throughout, Hostas is ideal for gardeners at all levels of expertise.