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37 Houseplants Even You Can't Kill

37 Houseplants Even You Can't Kill

ISBN: 1402740891

Title: 37 Houseplants Even You Can't Kill

Author: Mary Kate Hogan

KDL Description:


Introduces thirty-seven species of hardy houseplants—including flowering, foliage, and cactus varieties—that do well even in the face of minimal care, covering durable and beautiful plants in an easy-to-follow guide to plant care.

Amazon Description:

Some would-be gardeners simply have the opposite of a green thumb: everything they touch seems to wilt. But perhaps the problem lies not with the person but with the plant! These 37 varieties of flowers, foliage, and cacti will hold their own in the face of minimal TLC——which is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants lush greenery but hasn’t the time to spare. Best of all, there’s no need to sacrifice beauty: the selection includes the delicate Baby’s Tears, a Chinese Evergreen, a Lacy-Tree Philodendron, African Violets, a Peace Lily, and Christmas Cactus. In addition to an easy-to-follow basics section, the entries include photos, information on caring for each plant, and tips for growing them like a pro.