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The White Bicycle

The White Bicycle

ISBN: 0889954836

Title: The White Bicycle

Author: Beverley Brenna

KDL Description:


“This last book in a trilogy for teens can stand on its own as an excellent story of the struggle for independence by a 19 year old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome. Taylor realizes that her literal thinking and her need for conscious mechanisms to prevent emotions from overwhelming her set her apart from many people, but her study of existentialism and her memories of how she has grown over the years give her the necessary strength to step into responsible adulthood in this insightful story.”
—Helen Kay at KDL’s Spencer Township branch

Amazon Description:

The White Bicycle is the third stand-alone title in the Wild Orchid series about a young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome. This installment chronicles Taylor Jane’s travels to the south of France where she spends a summer babysitting for the Phoenix family. Including flashbacks into Taylor’s earliest memories, along with immediate scenes in Lourmarin, a picturesque village in the Luberon Valley, The White Bicycle results in a journey for independence both personal and universal, told in Taylor’s honest first-person prose.