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El Topo

El Topo


Title: El Topo

Author: FOR DVD T / NR

KDL Description:

“My choice for the April Staff Picks is the movie, Alexandro Jodorowsky’s “El Topo”. Never did I think KDL would gain access to this midnight movie staple, but sure enough we received circulation copies, and I finally buckled in to watch. I can’t call this a simple Western film, since it contains a lot of religious allegory, and other subversive themes, but it is genuinely a work of art. Not for the fair of heart, but rewarding to those that like their cinema challenging.”
—Michael at KDL’s Service Center

Amazon Description:

It was the landmark cult film that began the whole Midnight Movie phenomena of the counterculture crazy 1970s. EL TOPO was the most talked about, most controversial quasi-Western head trip ever made, transforming the way risk-taking audiences, seeking mainstream Hollywood alternatives, watched edgy underground films. Classic Americana and avant-garde European cinema sensibilities meet Zen Buddhism and the Bible as master gunfighter and cosmic mystic El Topo (played by writer/director Alejandro Jodorowsky) must defeat his four sharp-shooting rivals on an ever- increasingly bizarre path to allegorical self- enlightenment and surreal resurrection. -Alan Jones