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Those Who Love Night

Those Who Love Night

ISBN: 0312655967

Title: Those Who Love Night

Author: Wessel Ebersohn

KDL Description:

South African Justice Department lawyer Abigail Bukula discovers that her secret cousin, a Harare Seven activist, has been arrested with his comrades and is being held in a notorious Zimbabwe prison.

Amazon Description:

When Abigail Bukula, a young lawyer in the South African Justice Department, learns that the secret son of her aunt, who died in a massacre years ago, has been arrested by the Zimbabwean government, she races to his aid. She’s as determined as ever but perhaps a bit naive as well. Accused of being a part of the so-called Harare Seven, her cousin is being held as a political prisoner in the country’s most brutal prison.

With only an eager young lawyer as an ally and a director of the country’s intelligence agency either helping her or setting her up, Bukula will not leave without winning her cousin’s freedom and learning what really happened to her aunt so many years ago. By cunning, by bribery, by sheer audacity—and with the help of her friend prison psychologist Yudel Gordon—Abigail is determined to prevail in Those Who Love Night, Wessel Ebersohn’s explosive follow-up to his critically acclaimed series debut.