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Chronicler of the Winds: A Novel

Chronicler of the Winds: A Novel

ISBN: 1595580581

Title: Chronicler of the Winds: A Novel

Author: Henning Mankell

KDL Description:


A 10-year-old orphan who has become the mystical leader of a group of street children in Mozambique tells his story to the baker who finds him as he is dying.

Amazon Description: An award-winning new novel by the internationally acclaimed mystery writer.

“Nelio is dead. And however unlikely it may sound, it seemed to me that he died without once being afraid. How can that be possible?”—from Chronicler of the Winds

World famous for his Kurt Wallander mysteries, Henning Mankell has been published in thirty-five countries, with more than 25 million copies of his books in print. In Chronicler of the Winds, he gives us something different: a beautifully crafted novel that is a testament to the power of storytelling itself. On the rooftop of a theater in an African port, a ten-year-old boy lies slowly dying of bullet wounds. He is Nelio, a leader of street kids, rumored to be a healer and a prophet, and possessed of a strangely ancient wisdom.

One of the millions of poor people “forced to eat life raw,” Nelio tells his unforgettable story over the course of nine nights. After bandits cruelly raze his village, he joins the legions of abandoned children living in the city’s streets. An act of the imagination, an effort to prove to his comrades that life must be more than mere survival, cuts short Nelio’s life.

Already published in thirteen countries, Chronicler of the Winds was short-listed for the Nordic Council Prize for Literature and was nominated for the Swedish Publishers Association’s August Prize.