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The Expectant Knitter: 30 Designs for Baby and Your Growing Family

The Expectant Knitter: 30 Designs for Baby and Your Growing Family

ISBN: 9780307406606

Title: The Expectant Knitter: 30 Designs for Baby and Your Growing Family

Author: Marie Connolly

KDL Description:


Introduces thirty creative ideas to help the expectant knitter prepare for the arrival of a new baby, including such items as a swaddle blanket, bibs, hats, socks, rompers, and toys, accompanied by proposals on how to outfit a nursery, suggestions for knitting-themed baby names, and other pregnancy advice, all organized by trimester.

Amazon Description:

Stitch your way through the nine months of pregnancy—and have the best-dressed baby on the block!

Whether you already love knitting, or are eager to learn to knit so you can whip up adorable outfits for your soon-to-arrive baby, The Expectant Knitter is the perfect companion for all stages of your pregnancy. Sharing 30 projects arranged by trimester (simpler patterns for the first and third, when fatigue or discomfort may get in the way of nimble knitting, and more ambitious patterns for the feel-good second), Marie Connolly also offers practical tips and information about your pregnancy and your baby. At each step—and stitch—of the way, you’ll find reminders to take your folic acid, helpful hints on which tests to get when, instructions on how to properly swaddle an infant, and suggestions for combating morning sickness.

Starting with conception, when you’re quietly dreaming of and planning your pregnancy, you’ll learn to knit beautiful pieces like a Christening Gown or a Knitted Pinwheel Quilt. Come the end of the first trimester, you can move on to Her First Party Dress, a Cashmere Romper, and Alphabet Block Toys. When you’re loving your bump in the second trimester, work on the Shawl Collar Sweater or a Big Sister, Big Brother, or Dog sweater for the other loves in your life. Then the waiting game begins, so bide your time in the third trimester knitting itty bitty baby socks, wee washcloths and bibs, and a Shawl Sweater for Mom (you, too, deserve something special).

The ultimate knitter’s guide to pregnancy, The Expectant Knitter is a treasure of delightful patterns that will make for beautiful keepsake items, enhanced by sidebars with sound information on the growth of your baby at each stage.