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Knitting Bones

Knitting Bones

ISBN: 0425217523

Title: Knitting Bones

Author: Monica Ferris

KDL Description:


After raising more than $20,000 for charity, the members of the Embroiderers Guild are furious when a representative of the charity vanishes with the check, but with Betsy confined with a broken leg, it falls to her store manager, Godwin, to handle the investigation.

Amazon Description:

Crime solving is a group project in the latest installment of this USA Today bestselling series.

The stitchers of the Embroiderers Guild are thrilled to have raised over $20,000 for charity-but they’re less pleased when the representative who accepts the check disappears with it. After breaking her leg in a fall from a horse, Betsy’s confined to her apartment and loopy on pain killers-she can’t possibly investigate. But Godwin, her store manager, insists that he can do the legwork. Little do they know that a man across town has a similar injury-and he too is wondering what happened to that check. Betsy and Godwin have got to figure it out first, or it’ll be a bad break for everyone.