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Motif for Murder

Motif for Murder

ISBN: 0425212041

Title: Motif for Murder

Author: Laura Childs

KDL Description:


In the wake of hurricane Katrina, scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand struggles to put her business and her relationship with her ex-husband Shamus back together, a goal undermined by the kidnapping of Shamus from their home and the murder of Shamus’s uncle Henry, and discovers that she may unwittingly hold the key clue to both crimes.

Amazon Description:

In the terrible wake of Hurricane Katrina, scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand has her hands full getting Memory Mine back in business- and her relationship with her ex-husband, Shamus, back on its feet. But the reconciliation is shattered when Shamus is kidnapped from their home. And when Carmela hurries to tell Shamus’s Uncle Henry, she finds him sitting in his library-with a bullet through his forehead.

As a memorial to Uncle Henry, Carmela puts together a sentimental scrapbook of memories and keepsakes. What she doesn’t realize is that her book holds a clue that could identify the fiend behind the kidnapping and killing. And when the murderer finds out that she may be on to him, he’s going to try to close the book on Carmela once and for all.