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Spinning Forward

Spinning Forward

ISBN: 0758232047

Title: Spinning Forward

Author: Terri DuLong

KDL Description:


Broke after the death of her husband and unable to get along with her daughter, Sydney Webster goes to live at a college friend’s hotel in Cedar Key, Florida where she is embraced by a community filled with love, friendship, and knitting.

Amazon Description:

Sydney Webster’s comfortable New England life comes crashing down when her husband dies suddenly, leaving her penniless and evicted. She had no idea about his huge gambling debts, and is getting no sympathy from her hurt and angry twenty something daughter. With nowhere else to turn, Sydney takes shelter at a college friend’s B&B in Cedar key, Florida, where she begins to form a plan. As Syd turns her talent at spinning wool and knitting into a retail venture, other doors begin to open. She steps into the embrace of a community rich with love, laughter, friendship…and secrets. And soon she faces a choice: spin a safety net, or spin forward and never look back. Entertaining and heart warming, this superb debut will win readers over with its real-life challenges and quirky and compelling characters.