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The Jade Notebook (Indigo Notebook)

The Jade Notebook (Indigo Notebook)

ISBN: 0385740530

Title: The Jade Notebook (Indigo Notebook)

Author: Laura Resau

KDL Description:


“This is the third in the series. Zeeta and her mother have now moved to Mexico and Zeeta is hoping to find her father. Her mother has promised to stay in one place for a while and Zeeta feels like her life is following her plan. But of course something goes wrong.”
—Beth at KDL’s Gaines Township branch

Amazon Description:

Down-to-earth Zeeta and her flighty mom, Layla, have spent years traveling the globe and soaking up everything each new culture has to offer. Now they’ve settled in the beachside town of Mazunte, Mexico, where Zeeta’s true love, Wendell, has an internship photographing rare sea turtles. At first glance, Zeeta feels sure that Mazunte is paradise—she envisions dips in jade waters, sunsets over sea cliffs, moonlit walks in the surf. And she is determined to make Mazunte her home . . . for good. But as she and Wendell dig deeper to unearth her elusive father’s past, Zeeta finds that paradise has its dark side.