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Tiger in My Soup

Tiger in My Soup

ISBN: 1561456969

Title: Tiger in My Soup

Author: Kashmira Sheth

KDL Description:


“What to do when a tiger appears in the steam from your soup? Put a colander on your head and take cover! This picture book was such fun to read aloud at story time. A little boy is left in the care of his big sister, who is too engrossed in her own book to read to him. Instead, he creates his own entertainment, battling back a ferocious tiger throughout lunch. The illustrations are expressive and the story is definitely one that will ring true for both big sisters and the little brothers.”
—Liz at KDL’s Plainfield Township branch

Amazon Description:

When a boy is left in the care of his older sister, he begs her to read him his favorite book, but she s too absorbed in her own reading to pay him any attention. She won t be distracted, even when the boy finds a ravenous tiger hiding in his soup! His sister misses all the action; only after the steamy beast is slain does she return to the table with her brother and finally agree to read to him. But is the tiger really gone?