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The Skystone (The Camulod Chronicles, Book 1)

The Skystone (The Camulod Chronicles, Book 1)

ISBN: 0312860919

Title: The Skystone (The Camulod Chronicles, Book 1)

Author: Jack Whyte

KDL Description:


“I read and really enjoyed The Skystone by Jack Whyte. It is the first book in the Camulod Chronicles takes begins in the fourth century Britain during the decline of the Roman empire. The two main characters are King Arthur’s grandfathers and it tells the story of their friendship and the events which brought them together. The story is good, the characters likable, and I learned about some pretty interesting history.”
—Sara at KDL’s Caledonia Township branch

Amazon Description:

Based on extensive historical research and told with a compelling voice reminiscent of an epic poem, The Skystone is the explosive first work in a six-part series that explores the legend of Arthur, King of the Britons. “If James Michener is the past master of the sweeping epic, then Jack Whyte may well be the future one”.—Calgary Herald.