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Daylight Saving

Daylight Saving

ISBN: 0763659134

Title: Daylight Saving

Author: Edward Hogan

KDL Description:


“An interesting ghost story about a English teenager who is forced to go with his dad to this huge sports complex to spend some quality time together. However upon arrival he meets a mysterious girl and every time he meets her it seems her bruises and cuts keep getting worse instead of better, and she is always alone. A nice quick teen read.”—Craig at KDL’s Cascade Township branch

Amazon Description:

Can you save someone from something that’s already happened?

Daniel’s expectations for his forced vacation with his father at the Leisure World Holiday Complex are low. He hates sports, and his father is mostly lost in drink and depression. But then he sees a strange girl swimming in the fake lake, and everything changes. Lexi has a smart mouth and a killer swim stroke, but dark secrets swirl around her. She’s got bruises and cuts that seem to be getting worse instead of better. She’s always alone. And her watch is ticking backwards. When a dark figure begins to stalk Lexi and Daniel, the truth must come out. This gripping ghost story will raise goose bumps and questions: does a traumatic past mean the future is a foregone conclusion?