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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

ISBN: 0743412028

Title: Pay It Forward

Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde

KDL Description:


Catherine Ryan Hyde’s international sensation, Pay It Forward, is the moving story of Trevor McKinney, a twelve-year-old boy who accepts his social studies teacher’s challenge to come up with a plan to change the world.

Amazon Description:

It all started with the social studies teacher’s extra-credit assignment: come up with a plan to change the world for the better, and do it. Twelve-year-old Trevor McKinney began by doing something good for three people. But instead of paying him back, he asked them to “pay it forward” by doing a favor for three more people, who in turn would help three others, and so on, each act a link in a chain of human kindness.

And no one—not his teacher, his mom, or anyone in his small California town—could ever have dreamed of how far Trevor’s plan would go.