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Rogue Forces

Rogue Forces

ISBN: 0061560871

Title: Rogue Forces

Author: Dale Brown

KDL Description:


Kevin Martindale and Patrick McLanahan take an assignment in northern Iraq during the withdrawal of U.S. troops and find themselves a solitary force in an unexpected clash between Kurdish nationalists and Turkish invaders.

Amazon Description:

“Brown is excellent.”

San Francisco Chronicle


Dale Brown, whose books live on the New York Times bestseller list—alongside the novels of Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and other superstars of the military adventure genre—triumphs again with Rogue Forces. A riveting and relentlessly exciting thriller, Rogue Forces explores a timely and important question in this age of Blackwell and Halliburton: What would happen if the Army’s private security contractors became uncontrollably powerful? Brown’s popular character, Patrick McLanahan, is going Rogue in this chillingly plausible adventure that further solidifies Dale Brown’s reputation as “the best military writer in the country” (Clive Cussler).